Business Signs

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Business Signs

The importance of business signs

Signs will provide constant advertising for you, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. A survey done by the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati found that 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said that they had entered a store or business for the first time based simply on it's signage. 68% believe that a business sign reflects the quality of its products or service. 

Signs have been called the silent salesperson for your business apart from others. Interior signs can help a customer locate specific items in your store & has been knows to play a key role in impulse buys. 

Key benefits of business signage

  • Signs deliver your brands message
  • Signs promote brand awareness
  • Signs are been known to improve the atmosphere

For businesses that have limited marketing funds, signs are the most cost-effective. The cost for signage is much lower than that of radio, TV & other popular types of advertising. 

Internal Business Signs

Use your logo, name & colors to create an impact on your customers from the second they walk in your door. Signs will immediately grab yours customers attention. 

Expert Proof

A CEO of one mainstream retailer said he believes his company's signage to be the most cost effective & important advertising method. 

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