CNC Plasma Cutting



 What is CNC Plasma cutting?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machines, like the one in the picture below, use computer systems to automate the manufacturing of metal products, parts & tools. CNC machines use very intricate, state of the art, software systems to efficiently handle the plasma cutting process. 

Our Equipment

Here at Blue Goose, our equipment is something we take great pride in. We spend alot of time researching & testing before buying or upgrading equipment. With our plasma table, it's no different. We have a state of the art 9600 CNC Plasma table that is capable of cutting up to 1.25" thick steel & as thin as 28 gauge. Our machine has what it takes to handle large projects all while remaining a cost effective option. Whether it's 1 part or 1000, our machine can get the job done.